Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts Endorses Catherine McMullen for Clackamas County Clerk


February 22, 2022

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Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts Endorses Catherine McMullen for Clackamas County Clerk

West Linn, OR. – Oregon’s first woman to be elected governor, Barbara Roberts, has endorsed elections administrator Catherine McMullen in her bid to become Clackamas County’s next clerk. 

Governor Roberts is a Clackamas County voter and has voiced her support for McMullen saying, “I trust Catherine to be my clerk and head election official.” As an elections reformer during her time as Secretary of State and Oregon’s top elections official, Governor Roberts praised McMullen’s innovative work in voter outreach and education programs. “I want Catherine to be MY clerk because she deeply understands how to run transparent and equitable elections.” McMullen is currently an elections administrator, certified by the Oregon Association of County Clerks.

McMullen and Governor Roberts also share a common passion in advocating for the autistic community as they are both parents of autistic children. Oregon’s ground breaking governor stated that her original reason for entering politics was to advocate for her son receiving special education in the public school system. McMullen also has a daughter in public school and has fought to access the support necessary for her child to succeed. 

To date, Catherine McMullen has conducted 15 elections and has promised that as clerk she will perform same sex marriages which were legalized in Oregon in 2014. The current clerk stopped officiating civil unions when the law was passed. Governor Roberts applauded McMullen’s commitment to uplifting citizen rights to legal civil unions and fighting for equal access to the ballot.

Learn more about McMullen’s campaign for Clackamas County Clerk at ClackamasVoice.org.

Catherine stands on the bridge between Oregon City and West Linn. She wears a green blouse, and a gray blazer.

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Voter-focused elections administrator and candidate for Clackamas County Clerk