Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors® Endorses Catherine McMullen for Clackamas County Clerk


February 24, 2022

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Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors® Endorses Catherine McMullen for Clackamas County Clerk

West Linn, OR.–Catherine McMullen, candidate for Clackamas County Clerk, has secured an endorsement from the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (PMAR) to bolster her campaign to become Clackamas County’s top elections official and recording department head. 

PMAR, a non-profit trade association for Realtors®, is committed to “Promoting and enhancing the member’s ability to conduct business ethically, professionally, and profitably”. 

As County Clerk, one of McMullen’s essential duties is the recording of real property transactions. McMullen has promised she will “support secure technology that makes the recording process simple and straightforward for Realtors®, homebuyers, sellers, title companies, and everyone else engaged in the multistep process of the transfer of real property.” 

McMullen has been a vocal champion of accessibility and inclusion for all aspects of the Clerk’s duties, such as voting, real property records, and civil wedding ceremonies.  McMullen is pictured above with Michele Gila and Ernest Cooper at PMAR’s offices standing in front of the framed Realtors® “R” sign.

This endorsement comes at a time when past racist practices in real estate such as covenants in deeds prohibiting the sale of a home to Black homebuyers have come to light and are facing public scrutiny. PMAR has actively sought to address these inequities, bolstered by 2018 state legislation which allows homeowners to notify interested parties of their intention to eliminate a racist covenant so no further fees are incurred in the homebuying process. 

Both McMullen and PMAR have expressed their commitment to elevating anti-racist practices in real estate and ensuring transparent, equitable opportunities for Clackamas County’s homebuyers. McMullen has proposed a possible joint public outreach campaign to inform homeowners of the option to address the racist exclusionary language found in deeds before real property changes ownership.

You can find out more about Catherine McMullen’s campaign at: ClackamasVoice.org 

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