Guarantee Timely and Accurate Election Results Reporting for Local, State, and Federal Elections.  Catherine McMullen will ensure that the most up-to-date results are reported out on a regular schedule after 8 p.m. on Election Day. Election results will be accurate, clear, and easily accessible to voters, candidates, and the media for each and every contest.

Safe and Secure Election Administration. Catherine will:

  • Carefully prepare, distribute, and process each ballot ensuring that every vote is counted accurately.
  • Address ballot chain of custody concerns adding long-needed levels of security and transparency to elections administration in Clackamas County.
  • Put into place key recommendations of the Election Infrastructure – ISAC to ensure Clackamas County voters can trust in the accuracy and security of their local election systems.

Increase Transparency for Voters, Candidates, and Jurisdictions With Clear Technology-based Solutions. Catherine will offer voters an opt-in ballot tracking service, so you can know when your ballot has been mailed to you and when it has been accepted and counted.

Equitable and Fair Access to the Ballot. Catherine McMullen will prioritize voter education and voter participation for all eligible voters in Clackamas County. Additionally she will:

  • Protect voting rights and ballot access.
  • Increase voter participation in local elections by focusing targeted resources on historically ignored voters; including young voters; voters with disabilities; Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other voters of color; voters in rural communities; voters registered through the state automatic voter registration process; and voters facing housing insecurity or economic uncertainty.
  • Put into place Climate Emergency processes to get voters their ballots after wildfires, floods, and other community displacement and family emergencies.

Empower Diverse Voices in Local Decision-Making. Catherine will work with community leaders and diverse stakeholders to empower and strengthen the many communities that make up the rich diversity found in Clackamas County. She will ensure easy access to public records, put in place sound records management practices, and encourage public participation though voter outreach and candidate resources.

Abolish Racist Language. Catherine will work with homeowners, sellers, and stakeholders to work to remove racist language found in covenants and deeds.

Officiate Weddings. Catherine will ensure her office processes passport applications and issues marriage licenses without personal judgement or regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age. She will officiate weddings for Clackamas County residents once again, including same sex couples.

What issues are important to you? How will you use your voice? Contact Catherine McMullen for a conversation:

Catherine McMullen stands in front of the river at Milwaukie Bay Park