With six weeks to go, the Oregonian Covers the County Clerk Contest

September 27, 2022 Critics see opportunity to oust Clackamas County Clerk Sherry Hall after May election debacle

This year is different. Hall is facing Catherine McMullen, a Multnomah County elections specialist with a long list of endorsements and $125,000 raised so far, more than any of Hall’s opponents since at least 2010. McMullen is running a polished campaign in the county that’s a mix of suburban Portland and rural communities. ..

“Past attempts to unseat Sherry Hall were blamed on partisan antics, but her recent blunders were so dangerous, egregious and so poorly managed that at this point people realize, regardless of party affiliation, that you can either do the job or you can’t. And she can’t,” Lake Oswego Mayor Joe Buck, a Democrat, said in an email…

In an interview, McMullen said her experience makes her the right candidate to replace Hall…

McMullen says she’s mounting a targeted campaign to meet voters face-to-face and plans to debut digital ads and mailers. McMullen also enjoys the full support of local Democratic officials and funders, including the Clackamas County Democratic Party, which has contributed $8,500 through a committee so far. Jan Lee, the party chair, said McMullen is an “outstanding candidate.” McMullen has also raked in funding from local unions and more than $50,000 from the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors.

McMullen said voters know the county elections office has caused problems, including the May primary snafu, but they might not know which office Hall holds. A lack of interest among voters was apparent in 2018, when more than 52,000 voters who voted in other state and county races skipped marking the county clerk’s race altogether.

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Will you be away from home during the election? Request an absentee ballot!

Will you be away from home during the 21 day voting period for the November 8 General Election? You can request an absentee ballot be mailed to the address where you are staying or you can pick up an absentee ballot at your county elections office starting today, Monday, September 26.

Any eligible voter traveling during an election or students attending an out-of-state college can still receive a ballot. Fill out the Absentee Ballot Request Form and return it to your county election office or update your voter registration at OregonVotes.gov, making sure to check “I will be away from home on Election Day.” to add your temporary mailing address for your ballot.

Ballots are mailed to all voters beginning October 19. Ballots cannot be forwarded by USPS. If you do not receive your ballot by October 26 contact your elections office for a replacement ballot.

Make a plan and vote across your whole ballot! Thank you for voting for County Clerk!

Today is UOCAVA Saturday! Ballots are mailed to Uniformed and Overseas U.S. Citizens.

𝘼𝙢𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙨 𝙘𝙖𝙣 𝙫𝙤𝙩𝙚. 𝙒𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙖𝙧𝙚.

Today is UOCAVA Saturday, that is the day that ballots are mailed out to Uniformed and Overseas voters; to Americans all over the world. The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) requires that Elections Officials mail absentee ballots at least 45 days before Election Day (September 24) to U.S. citizens who are active members of the Uniformed Services, the Merchant Marine, and the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, their eligible family members, and U.S. citizens residing outside the United States.

If you need assistance with receiving your ballot, please contact the elections office. For more information about UOCAVA and voting from outside the U.S. go to FVAP.gov.

If you are going to be away from home during the 21 day voting period you can also request an absentee ballot be mailed to where you are staying or pick up an absentee ballot starting next week at the elections office (Monday, September 26).

Where are you voting from?

Get Registered Today on National Voter Registration Day

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 20, 2022

Contact: Jaime Mathis, jaime.clackamasvoice@gmail.com 503-708-3249

West Linn, OR– The November 8 General Election is now just weeks away. Today, September 20 is National Voter Registration Day, a nonpartisan celebration of democracy and civic engagement. Today is a great time to make sure you, your family and friends are registered to vote at your current address. 

Checking your voter registration, updating your address, or registering for the first time is easy, quick and can be done online at the Oregon Secretary of State website oregonvotes.gov.

Catherine McMullen, candidate for Clackamas County Clerk and certified elections administrator encourages everyone to take 5 minutes today and invest in their democracy by confirming they are registered to vote. “For democracy to work, citizens have to participate and use their voices through voting. When I am clerk, I will continue to prioritize voter outreach and education so that qualified Clackamas County residents can choose their local and national leaders through our elections process.”

You can find out more about Catherine’s campaign at: ClackamasVoice.org. Read this press release in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Voters’ Pamphlet Statements are Online

Competent. Accountable. Experienced.

Voters’ Pamphlet Statements are posted online for public review. You can see the Clackamas County offices online at https://www.clackamas.us/elec…/nov-8-2022-general-election and then scrolling down to Filed Candidates.

Voters’ Pamphlets should arrive at every household in the county the week of October 10. The county pamphlet is generally inserted into the center of the state pamphlet.

Vote Catherine McMullen for Clackamas County Clerk in the November 8 General Election!

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Thank you to local Oregon City, veteran-owned Imprinted Arts for the eye-catching Catherine McMullen for Clackamas County Clerk car WRAP! We are so appreciative of all of the work you’ve produced for the campaign.

Catherine McMullen, Candidate for Clackamas County Clerk, Receives Strong Union Support


September 5, 2022

Contact: Jaime Mathis



Catherine McMullen, Candidate for Clackamas County Clerk, Receives Strong Union Support

West Linn, OR.–Catherine McMullen, a Clackamas County resident, AFSCME Local 88 member, and elections official is running against 20 year incumbent, Sherry Hall, with an overwhelming majority of unions backing McMullen.

“I have been a proud union member almost my entire professional life and I’ve always been grateful to have their support, first as a worker, and now as a candidate. The strength of unions depends on its members having a voice in our communities and fighting for what’s best for people and their families.” said McMullen. 

To date, McMullen has gained endorsements from some of the region’s most well known unions including; AFSCME Local 350, UFCW Local 555, IBEW Local 48, Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council, and Northwest Oregon Labor Council AFL-CIO. 

McMullen commented, “It is encouraging to have the support of unions and their people power behind my campaign. I cannot be more grateful and look forward to running a clerk’s office where elections are timely and accurate, people have equitable access to marriage services, and where employees are able to benefit from the advocacy and work unions do.”

You can learn more about McMullen’s campaign, get involved, or donate at ClackamasVoice.org

Today, August 23 is Election Day in Oregon City and Oak Lodge Water Services Authority


August 23, 2022

Contact: Jaime Mathis



Today, August 23 is Election Day in Oregon City and Oak Lodge Water Services Authority

Today is Election Day for the August 23 Special Election where voters will decide Oregon City’s next mayor as well  board members for the Oak Lodge Water Authority. The winner of the Oregon City mayoral race will finish out the end of Rachel Lyles-Smith’s term through the end of the year. In addition, voters who live in the Oak Lodge Water Services Authority District will be voting for five at large members to the board.  Ballots from eligible voters must be postmarked by today or dropped off at an open Official Ballot Drop Site before 8 PM in order to be counted. 

The next election for all other Clackamas County Voters will be the November 8 General Election to elect city, county, state, and federal offices.

Voters no doubt will recall the debacle in Clackamas County during the May Primary election when ballot barcodes were blurred at the printer and unreadable by voting machines. This resulted in an extra $600K spent and more than 6000 people hours to duplicate the blurred ballots and get election results completed in time for the June 13 certification deadline. This was largely due to a lack of strategic planning and response by the current clerk, Sherry Hall who will be up for re-election in the November General Election. 

For the August 23 Special Election you can check the status of your ballot online at oregonvotes.gov/myvote and check that your ballot has been received. You can also observe the ballot counting process at the Clerk’s office or call the office at 503-655-8510 with questions.

If you make a mistake and need a new ballot, you can get one at the Clackamas County elections office at: 1710 Red Soils Ct. in Oregon City until 8 PM tonight. 

Catherine McMullen, candidate for Clackamas County Clerk and certified elections administrator has prioritized voter education and election security, transparency, and accuracy in the 15 elections she has conducted. “I am an elections official and public servant focused on timely, accurate, and secure elections for our voters by ensuring that all citizens understand what their rights are, that they can vote, and make their voices heard.”

To prepare for the November 8 General Election, voters should check that their voter registration is accurate and up-to-date online at OregonVotes.gov/myvote. The Voter Registration Deadline is Tuesday, October 18 and ballots begin to be sent out the next day. Voters who will be away from home on Election Day can request an absentee ballot be mailed to their current location. Ballots going to Military and Overseas voters are mailed out by September 24 so now is a perfect time to make sure your information is correct. 

You can learn more about Catherine McMullen’s campaign for County Clerk and sign up to Volunteer at: ClackamasVoice.org




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Catherine McMullen and volunteers talk to voters at CAReFREE Sunday in Milwaukie.

HIGHEST NEED: We start knocking on doors and talking voters on Friday. We’ll be engaging Oregon City voters and making sure they have the resources they need to vote in the August 23 Special Election. Sign up here!

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Official Ballot Drop Sites are Sparse in the August Special Election. Here are the four that are open.

Update on the August 23 Special Election. The special election for Oregon City Mayor and Oak Lodge Water Services Authority District members has been marred by errors, voter confusion, and drop site access issues.   

Last week, voters began calling the clerk’s office asking why they had received voter information for candidates that were not on their ballots, as some Oregon City voters received voters’ pamphlet inserts for the wrong election. It has been reported that over 3,700 voters have been affected by this error. Others have questioned why only one candidate for Oregon City Mayor was included on the voters’ pamphlet inserted with the ballot but not others. Candidates on the ballot can choose to submit a voters’ pamphlet statement by paying a fee and then submitting that statement to the clerk by the posted deadline. In the Oregon City mayoral race, only one candidate, Denyse McGriff chose to submit a statement to voters. Because she was the only candidate that submitted a statement to the clerk by the deadline she is the only one included in the voters’ pamphlet.

Voters have also reported that only four Official Ballot Drop Sites are open for turning in ballots. While the two contests center in and around Oregon City and the Oak Grove area for the August 23 Special Election, some voting residents have gone to drop off their ballots only to discover their closest Official Ballot Drop Site at Milwaukie City Hall was closed. 

The four Official Ballot Drop Sites available for ballot drop off this election are: Oregon City-City Hall, Gladstone Civic Center, Oak Grove Public Library, and the Clackamas County Elections Drive-up site. This information is available on the voters’ pamphlet insert and the county election website. Voters can also mail their ballots before Election Day. Ballots mailed must be postmarked on or before Election Day in order to count.