What issues will Catherine McMullen address?

What issues will Catherine address?

  • Equitable and Fair Access to the Ballot. Catherine will prioritize voter education and voter participation for all eligible voters in Clackamas County. She will increase voter participation in local elections by focusing targeted resources on historically ignored voters; including young voters; voters with disabilities; Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other voters of color; voters in rural communities; voters registered through the state automatic voter registration process; and voters facing housing insecurity or economic uncertainty.
  • Safe, Secure, and Transparent Election Administration. Catherine will ensure an equal preparation and processing of each ballot ensuring that every vote is counted accurately and that everyone may have a voice. Catherine McMullen will address ballot chain of custody concerns adding long needed levels of security and transparency to elections administration in Clackamas County. 

In 2017, Elections Infrastructure was designated as part of our nation’s critical infrastructure by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. As your County Clerk, Catherine will put into place key recommendations of the Elections Infrastructure – ISAC to ensure Clackamas County voters can trust in the accuracy and security of their local election systems.

In addition Catherine McMullen will increase transparency for voters, candidates, and jurisdictions alike with clear technology-based solutions. She will offer voters an opt-in ballot tracking service, so you can know when your ballot has been mailed to you and then when it has been accepted and counted. You will know that your vote has been counted.

Catherine will also improve Election Night results reporting for local, state, and federal elections ensuring that the most up-to-date results are reported out on a regular schedule after 8 p.m. on Election Day. Election results will be accurate, clear, and easily accessible to voters, candidates, and the media for each and every contest. 

  • Empower Diverse Voices in Local Decision-Making. Catherine will work with community leaders and diverse stakeholders to empower and strengthen the many communities that make up the rich diversity found in Clackamas County. She will ensure easy access to public records, put in place sound records management practices, and encourage public participation though voter outreach and candidate resources. 
  • Officiate Weddings. Catherine McMullen will ensure her office processes passport applications and issues marriage licenses without personal judgement or regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age. She will prioritize officiating weddings for Clackamas County residents once again, including same sex and queer couples. 

What issues are important to you? How will you use your voice? Contact Catherine McMullen at Catherine.ClackamasVoice@gmail.com for a conversation. 

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Why is the Clackamas County Clerk important?

The Clackamas County Clerk is an elected nonpartisan office and has a critical role in protecting democracy and making local government accessible. The County Clerk is the link between the citizen and their local government, through voting, civic involvement, and public records.

  • The County Clerk administers and conducts all local, state, and federal elections for Clackamas County residents. She is responsible for maintaining the voter registration record, and working with all candidates, jurisdictions, and citizens to understand and follow election processes and law. She is charged with ensuring every eligible voter has the information they need to register to vote, and then to VOTE! 
  • The County Clerk is a keeper of the public record, recording important documents around real property transactions and taxes. She enables transparency and citizen access to government through responding to public information requests and providing accessible public examination of records. 
  • The County Clerk processes passport applications and issues marriage licences. The Clerk may also officiate weddings. 

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Meet Catherine McMullen

Catherine McMullen is a voter-focused election administrator, a lifelong public servant, a champion for voting rights, a community leader, a wife, and a mother.  Catherine and her partner Michael have chosen to make Oregon their home, and are raising their two children in West Linn, in the historic Willamette neighborhood.

Catherine is the oldest of three girls, raised in rural northern California by parents who were entrepreneurs and worked in agriculture, drilling water wells; neither of whom went to college. Catherine has a B.A. from UC Davis, a Master in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from University of Washington, and in 2019 received an Executive Master in Public Administration (EMPA) from the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University. She also holds certification from the Oregon Association of County Clerks (OACC) as a Certified Elections Administrator (CEA). 

Catherine McMullen is a program specialist senior for Multnomah County Elections and has been an elections administrator since 2015. She began her public service career more than 17 years ago as a public librarian. Catherine started, developed and fought for the award-winning Voter Education and Outreach Program in 2015, the only local government program of its kind in the state of Oregon. Catherine’s new voter engagement effort Clackamas Voice has a primary goal of eliminating barriers to voter access and participation, increasing voter education and transparency in elections processes, and bringing more diverse voices to local-decision making in Clackamas County.

Catherine is an active member of the West Linn Alliance for Inclusion and is focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in her personal and professional life. Catherine created the Voter Language Access Program in Portland; hiring bilingual election workers, working in partnership with language communities, and producing resources and information in multiple languages for voters. Catherine also supports women candidates in Haiti, through the Haiti Democracy Project. Catherine and her spouse, Michael have a passion project, Children at Nature Play that celebrates the right of all children to play in nature, and all families to be welcome in outdoor spaces without prejudice.  Catherine and Michael’s youngest child is autistic and spending time in Oregon’s natural spaces rejuvenates and brings the family together. 

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