Cole Merkel: Why I’m Voting for Catherine McMullen

Cole Merkel, Clackamas County resident recently shared on Twitter why he is voting for Catherine McMullen to be his next County Clerk.

Clackamas County neighbors, with ballots dropping this week, I want to share a story about how I first met Catherine McMullen, why it inspires me to vote for her for Clackamas County Clerk, and why I hope you’ll join me.

A few years & a pandemic ago, when I was running a houseless drop-in center, I got a cold call from Catherine who was building a Multnomah County voter outreach program for historically underrepresented communities. She asked if she could do a registration drive.

She came in on a busy day, registered more than a dozen folks, walked them through the voting process and left behind registration materials and trained staff on how to fill out registration forms for those she’d missed.

A few weeks later, ballots started arriving. I can’t describe how incredible it was for people who were marginalized and disenfranchised for years to have a ballot and feel confident in their right to vote.

It was so successful that Catherine came back every election cycle, ahead of both the primary and the general to make sure folks were registered and had all the tools they needed to successfully cast their ballots.

I’m supporting Catherine McMullen this election because Clackamas County needs a clerk that understands the challenges of hard to reach communities and does everything in her power to make sure they feel empowered in their fundamental right to the ballot.

I’m supporting Catherine McMullen this election because Clackamas County needs a clerk who takes electoral integrity seriously and who will ensure quality control and security in every step of the process.

I’ll end on a personal note. Earlier this year, Nathan and I considered eloping but stopped short when we realized how hard it is to get married at the courthouse. Turns out, the current clerk stopped officiating all marriages when same sex marriage was legalized.

I’m supporting Catherine McMullen for Clackamas County Clerk because she recognizes that all couples have the right to marry and she will resume the practice of officiating weddings in the clerk’s official duties.

Join me in voting Catherine McMullen for County Clerk by November 8.

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