An Update on the West Linn City Council Election

An update on the #WestLinn City Council ballot mistake from West Linn Tidings: What does a postponed election mean for West Linn City Council?

This error could have been prevented with an extra 15 minutes in early September to review the letter from the City Recorder to the County Elections office, the West Linn City Charter, and then a phone call with a correction. 15 minutes. The County Clerk is afforded that privilege, it’s even in the Oregon Revised Statues – ORS 246.210 County clerk to supervise local elections officials; “a county clerk may exercise general supervision of administration of election laws by each local elections official in the county for the purpose of achieving and maintaining a maximum degree of correctness, impartiality, efficiency and uniformity in the administration by local elections officials. In this regard the county clerk may assist local elections officials in answering questions concerning the proper administration of election laws.”

“”We were told by Clackamas County elections there was no way to run an election in December,” he said. “They can’t produce ballots in time.”

Williams also noted that the city expects to pay $15,000-20,000 for the March election.

Monahan explained that other matters may be placed on the March special election ballot as well, but not a vote for mayor. If Walters were to win her race for the House seat, the mayoral position would be temporarily vacant but the charter states that the vacancy should be filled in the next May or November election.”

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