Election FAQ: Questions Candidates and Voters may have about Clackamas County’s Ballot Barcode Printing Errors

This guidance is based on what we know so far, on May 5th. We will share out new updates if information changes.

Will my voted ballot be counted if the barcode is blurred?

Yes, every valid ballot will be counted.  If the barcode on your ballot is blurred it will be duplicated by hand, by two sworn elections officials from different political parties so that it is machine readable and your vote can be accurately counted.

Should I turn in my ballot early? Should I encourage voters to turn in their ballots early?

You should turn in your ballot as soon as you are done voting. You have two choices in returning your ballot: 1) Mail your ballot back, postmarked on or before Election Day, May 17, 2022, no stamp needed! or 2) Return your ballot to any Official Ballot Drop Site in the state before 8:00 PM on Election Night, May 17, 2022. You can find your nearest Official Ballot Drop Site at www.oregonvotes.gov/dropbox

Will this change the outcome of the election?

No, this will not change the outcome of the May Primary Election.  Your vote will be counted.  Duplication of affected ballots will take more time and dramatically increase staffing costs. It may delay reporting of results.

How much longer will it take to count the votes and know the outcome of the election?

At this time we do not have enough information about how many ballots are affected and will have to be duplicated, and what staff resources are on hand to duplicate all affected ballots.  We should expect there to be fewer ballots in the first report of election results on Election Night shortly after 8 p.m. It all depends on actual volume and staff resources available.  

Results must be certified on or before June 13.  You can view the schedule of returns and results reporting here: https://www.clackamas.us/elections/returns-results

I would like to observe the ballot duplication process.

To be an election observer, reach out to your party leadership or reach out directly to the county elections office to schedule a time to observe the process. We encourage you to be an election observer and have a front row seat in our democracy.

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