Catherine McMullen Stands Out As Ideal Candidate in Race for Clackamas County Clerk


March 4, 2022

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West Linn, OR.–The Clackamas County Clerk’s contest has an ideal candidate running for office. Catherine McMullen, a long time Oregonian, certified elections administrator, and advocate for disenfranchised communities and neurodiverse children has garnered the backing of elected officials, unions and professional organizations. McMullen’s credentials, experience, and fitness for the position of Clackamas County’s top elections official have caused an outpouring of support and engagement in her campaign across the county.

Governor Barbara Roberts is fully on board. “I want Catherine to be MY clerk because she deeply understands how to run transparent and equitable elections.” 

Oregon’s senior elections official, former Secretary of State Phil Keisling is throwing his weight behind McMullen’s candidacy as well. “Catherine McMullen’s deep experience and unwavering commitment to fair and secure elections make her an outstanding choice to be Clackamas county’s next county clerk.” 

Clackamas county mayors like Jule Fitzgerald of Wilsonville voiced her support, citing McMullen’s deep experience with well-run elections. “Catherine McMullen has the expertise, qualifications, skills and dedication that all Clackamas County voters need. Elect Catherine for County Clerk.”

Unions are also lining up to show their solidarity with a fellow union member. “The NW Oregon Labor Council, AFL-CIO is proud to endorse Catherine McMullen for the office of County Clerk for Clackamas County. Catherine has seventeen years of public service experience and she started the Voter Education and Outreach Program, the only local government program of its kind. Catherine’s determination to assure everyone has fair and equitable access to the ballot and that elections in Clackamas County are accurate, secure and transparent align with our values and will be a refreshing change for this office.”

“With Catherine McMullen, Clackamas County residents will finally get the expertise to assure fair, accessible and credible elections.” -AFSCME Local 350

Equity organizations like Basic Rights Oregon have featured McMullen’s commitment to inclusion and advocacy in their publications, praising her for her stance.

“The county clerk’s office also officiates weddings–that is, if the clerk chooses to. In Clackamas County the clerk’s office ceased officiating weddings once same-sex weddings became legal. The timing makes it pretty evident that the clerk doesn’t want to officiate a gay wedding. Catherine McMullen, a candidate for Clackamas County Clerk, has pledged to renew the practice of officiating weddings – queer and straight – if elected. She’s said she wants the clerk’s office to feel welcoming to all county residents, whether it’s a gay couple seeking to be married, a trans person updating a passport, or a BIPOC resident accessing public records.”

McMullen’s integrity, fairness, and responsibility are some of the reasons professional groups are choosing to endorse her candidacy.

“The Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors® (PMAR), comprised of over 8,400 members throughout the metro region, is pleased to endorse Catherine McMullen, candidate for Clackamas County Clerk. The clerk plays an essential role in a real estate transaction, and we need a principled and committed leader in that position. Catherine is the candidate who is dedicated to ensuring real estate transactions are recorded promptly, easily, and accurately and is committed to addressing and providing the opportunity to eliminate past racist covenants. PMAR and our members are excited to see Catherine get elected as the next Clackamas County Clerk.”

McMullen’s campaign has raised over 25K to date and has reached thousands of voters through community driven postcard campaigns and events.

You can learn more about Catherine McMullen’s campaign, supporters, and how to get involved at: 

Catherine McMullen, candidate for County Clerk has a serious expression with her brown hair pulled back into a pony tail. She wears a red suit jacket and blue top. Image courtesy of Andie Petkus Photography.

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Voter-focused elections administrator and candidate for Clackamas County Clerk