Basic Rights Oregon Wants You to Vote Across Your Ballot!

Basic Rights Oregon wants you to vote across your ballot! Pay close attention to those Auditor, Clerk, BOLI Commissioner and other local contests. Vote with equity and equality in mind.

“Anytime voters go the polls these days, LGBTQ2SIA+ equality is on the ballot…


County clerks oversee elections where they serve. In this time, when unscrupulous candidates promote wholly unfounded theories of “voter fraud” – theories often based on racist lies involving immigrants – it’s important to elect clerks who believe in equity. County clerks make decisions every day that signal to voters who is included in our democracy. That means deciding which languages voting materials are translated into, in what neighborhoods voter outreach efforts are conducted, and which people and organizations the county partners with to carry out those efforts.

The county clerk’s office also officiates wedding–that is, if the clerk chooses to. In Clackamas County the clerk’s office ceased officiating weddings once same-sex weddings became legal. The timing makes it pretty evident that the clerk doesn’t want to officiate a gay wedding. Catherine McMullen, a candidate for Clackamas County Clerk, has pledged to renew the practice of officiating weddings – queer and straight – if elected. She’s said she wants the clerk’s office to feel welcoming to all county residents, whether it’s a gay couple seeking to be married, a trans person updating a passport, or a BIPOC resident accessing public records. We encourage you to decide which candidate for clerk champions equity in your county.”

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Catherine McMullen wears a Milwaukie Pride sticker at the Milwaukie Pride parade in July 2021.

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Voter-focused elections administrator and candidate for Clackamas County Clerk