Clackamas County Clerk, Sherry Hall Mails Wrong Voter Inserts in August 23 Special Election

West Linn, OR.– In May 2022, the Clackamas County Primary Election was severely impacted by County Clerk, Sherry Hall and her mishandling of a ballot printing issue which resulted in over 6,700 additional people hours and $600K being spent to rectify the mistake. Several key local and federal races hung in limbo for weeks while the clerk scrambled to mitigate a preventable crisis. 

Since Thursday, many voters are discovering that they have received the wrong voters’ pamphlet insert for the race on their ballot. Namely, in precinct 600, which encompasses areas of Historic Oregon City and the outskirts of Gladstone, around 3,800 households look to be impacted by this error. 

The Oregon City mayoral race and the Oak Lodge Water Services Authority Board are the two races which are affected by the mistake. The current clerk is reporting that she is mailing new voters’ pamphlet inserts to all affected voters in precinct 600. If you discover you live within Oregon City limits and have received an insert with your ballot for the Oak Lodge race, you can also call the Clerk’s office at: 503-655-8510 and request a correct insert be mailed to you, or stop by the clerk’s office at: 1710 Red Soils Court, Suite 100 Oregon City, OR 97045 and get a correct insert. The correct insert is also available online.

Clerk Hall will be on the ballot for re-election in the November General Election. You can make an informed choice and vote for her challenger, Catherine McMullen to be our next Clackamas County Clerk. Catherine is a competent professional and an award winning election administrator who has more than 15 elections under her belt and is a former librarian. 

You can learn more about Catherine McMullen’s campaign at:

Catherine McMullen is interviewed by Laural Porter on Straight Talk on August 4

Catherine McMullen interviewed on Straight Talk with Laural Porter

Catherine McMullen was recently interviewed by Laural Porter on Straight Talk on KGW. The interview will air on KGW Channel 8 tonight at 7PM, and then Saturday, August 6 and Sunday, August 7 at 6:30PM. Catherine discussed the importance of her campaign for County Clerk and how she’ll do things differently than the current clerk, MUCH differently. Tune in and reshare with your networks. It can also be viewed live on the KGW app and on KGW’s Youtube channel after it airs. 

Make a Contribution! Ballots drop (are mailed to voters) beginning October 19 for the November 8 General Election. That means that we are mailing information about Catherine McMullen and this important contest to voters mid-October. We have just 10 weeks to raise funds for postage so that we can reach as many of Clackamas County’s 300,000+ voters as possible. That is A LOT of postage!

Vote Catherine McMullen for County Clerk

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