May 17 Primary Election Certified – Catherine McMullen speaks on the election on “Now Hear This: Canby” podcast

The May 17 Primary Election was finally certified today, June 13, 2022 as Clackamas County finished processing ballots.

I spoke with Tyler Francke in Canby for the Now Hear This podcast (taped June 12, aired June 13). I was featured in Episode 369: Finding a Voice:

Canby Conversation: As a little girl, Catherine McMullen didn’t grow up dreaming of counting ballots for a living, but it became her passion anyway. A candidate for Clackamas County clerk in November, we talk what went wrong in this year’s primary. Not surprisingly, it’s a long conversation.”

Finally, this is a good OPB Politics Now conversation about the how and why of Oregon counties having appointed (9) or elected (27) clerks. No matter the governance structure it is important that Clerks are accountable to the public/voters AND qualified for the democracy-critical position of head election official.

I am a certified elections administrator with 18 years of public service experience (11 in public libraries, 7 in elections). I’ve been involved in all aspects of conducting 15 elections to-date AND am on the ballot in November. I declared last June and then filed for office in September 2021. I’m experienced and competent and the voters will get to decide in November if I’m the right person to bring trust and integrity back to our Clackamas County elections processes.

Thank you for your support! Get involved in the campaign today!

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