Letter to Supporters: Help Catherine reach the first 10,000 Voters!

Dear Friends,

Clackamas County is a large and diverse county both in population and demographics. It will take a group lift to reach enough voters to unseat the current clerk. I have been taking advantage of extra time to reach voters, as the County Clerk contest will now be on the ballot November 8, 2022 for the General Election. 

This is a huge opportunity! We have more than 89,000 voters to reach by November 8; I need your help. Can you chip in today to help me raise $4500 to print enough literature to reach our first 10,000 voters?  

I know the path to victory means working together to ensure everyone in our community has a voice and a vote! We can and must do this together! Every day I am inspired by the work that everyday heroes take on to make our county a better, safer, and more welcoming place for everyone. In Canby I volunteered for Bridging Cultures first in-person fundraiser since the pandemic and the community turned out! In Oregon City, Clackamas Community College held a Technical Education Showcase and left hundreds of young adults excited by careers in green energy, welding, and machine tool technology. And in Wilsonville we celebrated our connection to our Sister City, Kitakata, Japan with a demonstration tea ceremony and cherry blossom festival.

In the last month alone the Catherine McMullen for County Clerk campaign connected with more than 1,250 voters through phone calls, community events, postcards to young voters, and talking to voters at the door. 

 If you cannot make a donation to our campaign today, please sign up to join us for one of our upcoming volunteer events or door knocking between now and May 17. 

The primary elections this May are arguably the first important step in making sure our voices are heard and our elected officials represent our interests. Oregon has a closed primary system which means you can only vote for partisan offices like Governor and your state representatives if you are a registered member of one of the two main parties-Democratic or Republican.

Like many of you, I find this frustrating, but it can be worked around by registering for a major party by tomorrow – April 26 – so you can vote in their primary elections, May 17. You can do this at oregonvotes.gov/myvote and then also change your party back again after the primary. You can also learn more about the steps I will take to ensure that all eligible voters have access to the ballot, even if they have had to move or are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity. 

I decided to run for County Clerk because I believe that outcomes are better when more voices are heard and everyone can participate meaningfully in local decisions. Voting is a fundamental instrument of our democracy and as our new County Clerk and head election official, I have committed to removing barriers to every eligible voter being able to exercise their right to the ballot. 

With your generous donation today, I know we can reach the voters who still need to meet me, learn about my priorities, experience, and plans for the future. The first step is for voters to meet me and know me. You can help with that.

Please reach out to ClackamasVoice@gmail.com or call me at 971-212-5690 for more information or to join us for a volunteer event or door knocking! We will be there, rain, hail, snow, or sun because it is time for new leadership in our Clackamas County and for each of us to have a voice in our communities. With your help, I look forward to serving you soon as your Clackamas County Clerk. 

Thank you,  

Catherine McMullen

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Voter-focused elections administrator and candidate for Clackamas County Clerk

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