Videos of Catherine

Catherine’s campaign reaches into all aspects of our community. Her activities include interviews with various people and groups. These interviews are an excellent way to hear about Catherine’s priorities and what she will bring to the Clackamas County Clerk Office.

Catherine Addresses Her Priorities on Video Voters’ Guide

See Catherine on the Video Voters’ Guide. This interview is provided by the League of Women Voters as part of their continuing voter education program.

Catherine’s Interview at the Sabin-Schellenberg Professional Technical Center

Students in the Broadcasting and Journalism Department at the Sabin-Schellenberg Professional Technical Center conducted interviews with Catherine and other candidates. See Election Coverage 2022, where Catherine is the first candidate interviewed.

Catherine appears on the KGW News show Straight Talk with Laural Porter.

The interview was released on August 5th, and the video provides a good look at why Catherine will make an excellent Clackamas County Clerk, and how the differs from the current County Clerk.

Catherine speaks to the Willamette Women Democrats

Eight nonpartisan candidates for Oregon’s three metro counties present themselves and their priorities: Multnomah Co. Chair: Lori Stegmann and Jessica Vega Pederson; Clackamas Co. Commissioners: Sonya Fischer and Libra Forde; Clackamas Co. Clerk: Catherine McMullen;