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Why County Clerk?

Why is the County Clerk important?

The Clackamas County Clerk is an elected nonpartisan office and has a critical role in protecting democracy and making local government accessible. The County Clerk is the link between the citizen and their local government, through voting, civic involvement, and access to public records.

  • The County Clerk administers and conducts all local, state, and federal elections for Clackamas County residents. She is responsible for maintaining the voter registration record, and working with all candidates, jurisdictions, and citizens to understand and follow election processes and law. She is charged with ensuring every eligible voter has the information they need to register to vote, and then to VOTE! 
  • The County Clerk is a keeper of the public record, recording important documents around real property transactions and taxes. She enables transparency and citizen access to government through responding to public information requests and providing accessible public examination of records. 
  • The County Clerk processes passport applications and issues marriage licenses. The Clerk may also officiate weddings. 

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What issues will Catherine address?

In 2017, Elections Infrastructure was designated as part of our nation’s critical infrastructure by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. As your County Clerk, Catherine will put into place key recommendations of the Election Infrastructure – ISAC to ensure Clackamas County voters can trust in the accuracy and security of their local election systems.

In addition Catherine McMullen will increase transparency for voters, candidates, and jurisdictions alike with clear technology-based solutions. She will offer voters an opt-in ballot tracking service, so you can know when your ballot has been mailed to you and then when it has been accepted and counted. You will know that your vote has been counted.

Catherine will also improve Election Night results reporting for local, state, and federal elections ensuring that the most up-to-date results are reported out on a regular schedule after 8 p.m. on Election Day. Election results will be accurate, clear, and easily accessible to voters, candidates, and the media for each and every contest. 

  • Officiate Weddings. Catherine McMullen will ensure her office processes passport applications and issues marriage licenses without personal judgement or regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age. She will prioritize officiating weddings for Clackamas County residents once again, including same sex couples. 

What issues are important to you? How will you use your voice? Contact Catherine McMullen for a conversation. 

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