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Catherine McMullen Wins Contest for Clackamas County Clerk


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Catherine McMullen Wins Contest for Clackamas County Clerk 

West Linn, OR– In a rout of the incumbent, Sherry Hall, Catherine McMullen is set to become Clackamas County’s newest Clerk, as initial results from the General Election came in last night. 

McMullen celebrated with supporters and volunteers after initial election results rolled in just after 8:00 pm. “Our people-powered campaign has worked incredibly hard to enact needed change to our county clerk’s office. Your support will allow me to bring timely, accurate, and transparent elections to our county, and I am both humbled and thrilled that we have prevailed. A huge thank you to voters, my family, staff, and volunteers for their investment in our local elections and in local government –I am ready to hit the ground running in January.”

On the campaign trail for more than a year, Catherine McMullen spent hundreds of hours talking with voters, attending events, and listening to diverse communities throughout Clackamas County during her run for County Clerk.

She stated that her commitment to serve all residents and voters of Clackamas County is stronger than ever. “My office is nonpartisan and it will be a space where all voters and residents have equal access to quality services and secure elections. If you have questions or want to learn more about what the clerk does; from elections to records management, real property to officiating weddings; I am here to listen and to serve.

We have work ahead of us. I have work ahead of me. But we all have a part in upholding election integrity, strengthening democracy, and opening wide the gates to participation in local decision-making and access to government services.”

Catherine McMullen can be reached at

This information is available on the website in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Russian.

Catherine McMullen’s Statement to supporters on Election Night

As the ballots are counted and will continue to be counted for many days, until certification December 5, I want to acknowledge Clerk Hall and her staff; and the dedicated election workers across the state ensuring that our votes and our voices count, even as we celebrate tonight.

Thank you to my supporters, volunteers, and family.

Stats –

I want to thank the 100s of volunteers who wrote postcards, knocked on doors, and made phone calls. We have a volunteer Treasurer, a volunteer Field Organizer, a volunteer Financial Advisor, a volunteer Volunteer Activator. We have one tireless Staffer.  I want to thank my spouse Michael who took good care of me and the family this last year. I want to thank my son who braved the cold and the doors with me, and my daughter who has always known without doubt that her Mama was a winner.

We’ve helped citizens vote, candidates run for office, and Clackamas residents and community have a VOICE. 

Right now we are looking at 95,000 voters who made a choice for County Clerk and 66% chose new leadership. There are many votes still to be tabulated. Every vote will be counted. Every voice will be heard.

We have work ahead of us.  I have work ahead of me. But we all have a part in upholding election integrity, strengthening democracy, and opening wide the gates to participation in local decision-making and access to government services. We all have a part.

As your next County Clerk I will:

Protect voting rights and ballot access for all eligible voters.

Ensure timely, transparent, and accurate elections.

Restore trust to Clackamas County elections.

Abolish racist language in covenants and deeds.

I will Officiate Weddings for ALL Couples.

We live in a beautiful and diverse county. Tonight I want to celebrate the path ahead of us, thank those who came before us, and prepare to work for those who will come after us.  Thank you Clackamas County voters for choosing me as your next County Clerk. 

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