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Volunteer with the Catherine McMullen for County Clerk Team!

Our TOP three volunteer needs this week:

Be part of our virtual call bank. Training provided each Monday and Tuesday.

Canvassing with Catherine! Co-canvassing opportunities across the county with Libra Forde, Hoa Nguyen, Raz Mason, Mark Gamba, Annessa Hartman, and Jamie McLeod-Skinner to build widespread voter support and turnout!


Request a YARD SIGN to post at your home or business. Adopt your YARD SIGN HERE.

Join us! Speak up. Speak out. Get engaged… and VOTE across that ballot!  

Thank you to local Oregon City, veteran-owned Imprinted Arts for the eye-catching Catherine McMullen for Clackamas County Clerk car WRAP! We are so appreciative of all of the work you’ve produced for the campaign.

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